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Around Rogers Park: Summer in the City – Rogers Park-style


Summer in Rogers Park always goes by much too quickly. By the time anyone reads this article, the summer will be almost over. For Rogers Parkers, summer is a time to enjoy many of life’s small pleasure – hanging out in outdoor cafes with friends; spending weekends at any of the neighborhood’s beautiful beaches, or buying seasonal produce at the Glenwood Sunday Market.


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Around Rogers Park: Loyola University Grant to Wellness Clinic at Gale Academy


Speaking of Loyola University, this venerable institution has once again stepped up to the plate with a major donation to Gale Academy for the construction of the SMART Health and Wellness Clinic at the Gale Academy Elementary School. Loyola’s $25,000 donation was the amount of money needed to begin construction of this important project, and represents the largest one-time donation ever made by the university. This grant demonstrates pretty clearly the degree to which Loyola University is committed to the Rogers Park community, and cares about the children who live here. The Health and Wellness Clinic will be an important community resource, not just for the students at Gale Academy, but also for their families and other community members.

According to Alderman Joe Moore’s June 28th email newsletter, “Heartland Health Centers will be the medical provider at the clinic, offering sustainable, academically-focused care, in fidelity to the SMART model. Ginn Group Consulting CEO, Melanie Ginn, developed the SMART model in collaboration with CVS Health.”

Rogers Park Builders Group also supported the Health and Wellness Clinic with a $2,000 donation. Individual members of RPBG donated additional money, bringing the total RPBG contribution to about $5,000 for the clinic.We applaud Loyola for their incredibly generous contribution, and celebrate the planned addition of the clinic to Gale Academy for the benefit of the entire Rogers Park community.



RPBG Support of Local Schools

Sullivan High School

RPBG and it's members support local schools, including Sullivan High School.


The Rogers Park Builders Group consists of property owners, developers and other real estate professionals in the East Rogers Park area of Chicago, whose mission is to promote responsible property management, ownership and development in our community. Since 1992, we have worked with community partners with the goal of improving our community.
Starting three years ago, our organization took on a special interest in our local schools, and we have engaged in a multiyear plan to offer financial support in the area of arts, sports and capital improvements.


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As I See It: The Allure of Other Shores – Indiana, Michigan and Beyond

In the late ‘60s, before it was common for middle-income families to travel long distances for vacations, my parents and their friends would gather (often over their Saturday night Bridge Club dinners) and discuss their upcoming vacation plans.


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RPBG Gives Back - A Sustained Commitment to Improving Our Community



May 2018 Meeting Donation

RPBG and individual members giving Gale Academy Principal Augustine Emuwa $5000 to support their campaign for an on site health clinic - a project that should boost attendance and productivity of its students.


The Rogers Park Builders Group has given back to the Rogers Park community since its inception. But, in recent years, this giving has increased significantly. While we continue to support a broad range of organizations and events, we have created a dedicated funding stream for educational initiatives that focuses on giving to local Chicago Public Schools. This initiative sets aside approximately $7,500 per year for a three-year period, beginning in 2017. To the extent our budget will allow us to continue to make these funds available beyond this three-year period, we will make every effort to do so.


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Ups and Downs - Spring 2018

If you look at a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the last ten years, you see an almost unbroken upward trajectory that started early in 2009 at the depth of the Great Recession, and continued until nearly the end of January of this year.


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Something New


Although it’s been slow to arrive, spring is finally here. That means it’s also time for a new Newsletter, the quarterly Rogers Park Builder. For many years, the Builder was laid out, printed and physically mailed to our readers. As technology changed, we changed too, converting our physical delivery system to email-only.


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New Concepts, Old Traditions


RPBG members and guests discuss screening policies at the RPBGs first Best Practices Workshop at our March meeting

RPBG has started the year off with a bang. With Mike Glasser once again serving as President of the organization (this is his second time in the role), the organization has already presented two events that have been both well attended and well received.


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Around Rogers Park: Morse Avenue Apartments Under Construction - Spring Update


It’s finally happening. After not a lot of activity for most of 2017, the new Morse Avenue apartment building is finally under construction. As I write this article, there’s not much to see at the southeast corner of Morse and Wayne other than a bunch of trucks and heavy equipment. But keep an eye on this site during the summer, and you will see a new apartment building start to rise out of the ground.


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Loyola Basketball Team


It was a Cinderella story that no one expected, but that everyone loved. While the Loyola Ramblers did not make it all the way to the National Championship, they got much further than anyone ever expected. Fans in Rogers Park and throughout the Chicago region were on the edge of their seats for most of the month of March as the playoffs progressed. It also put Sister Jean, the team chaplain, in the national spotlight. How can you not love a basketball-crazy, 96-year-old nun who both inspired and motivated the players? It was an amazing story from start to finish.


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Rogers Park’s Hollywood Moment


Rogers Park is not just a neighborhood anymore; it is also a movie! Directed by Rogers Park residents Kyle Henry and written by Carlos Treviño, Rogers Park is about two couples who struggle with the challenges of modern life, and the complications of modern relationships as they approach middle age. As you would expect, given the name and the location, the characters in the movie represent a diverse group of people and backgrounds, just like the neighborhood in which the story takes place. The movie was filmed in and around the Rogers Park community, so it will look very familiar to anyone who has spent any time here.


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