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Why Rent Control Hurts Renters - Video

This video provides a good overview of the arguments against rent control. As numerous studies have shown, there are few winners and many losers when rent control becomes law. This video helps explains the harmful impacts of rent control on low and moderate income families, the very group these policies are intended to benefit. 


The High Cost of Rent Control

This is a repost of an article from National Multifamily Housing Council - original article here

That rent control is an ineffective and often counterproductive housing policy is no longer open to serious question. The profound economic and social consequences of government intervention in the nation's housing markets have been documented in study after study, over the past twenty-five years. In response to this hard-earned experience, states and local jurisdictions from Massachusetts to California have banned or greatly constrained rent control. Nevertheless, a number of communities around the country continue to impose rent controls, usually with the stated goal of preserving affordable housing for low- and middle-income families. Rent control does not advance this important goal. To the contrary, in many communities rent control has actually reduced both the quality and quantity of available housing.



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The Housing Affordability Problem in Chicago

Property owners in Chicago can be forgiven if they feel like they are under siege. Local politicians of all stripes, from Aldermen to State Representatives to the Democratic candidate for Governor, seem to be tripping over each other to placate angry renters clamoring for more regulation of the rental market.


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Rent Control: What it is; How to Fight it; and How to Survive it if it Comes

Photos in this article taken by Michael Kardas, Kardas Photography, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To many property owners, the battle over rent control feels a lot like the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. First comes that vague feeling that something is amiss. People start acting strangely for no apparent reason – just a few at first, then more and more as the movie advances. By the time we figure out what is really happening, it’s too late. The pod-people have taken over, and there is nothing we can do to stop them!


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NBOA Summer Soirée

Every year, it seems that the Summer Soirée just gets more and more popular. This year was no exception. The 2018 event boasted the biggest turn-out since it began. More than 350 real estate professionals and other guests attended the evening’s festivities. The weather was perfect and the setting – Piper Hall on the Loyola University campus – could not have been nicer. The historic old building and lushly landscaped grounds provided the perfect venue for a summer lawn party. The cool breeze from Lake Michigan, just a few steps from the building, was an extra added bonus at no extra cost!


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As I See It: Trash Talk (About Effective Recycling)


We in the RPBG feel honored that we have a close friend in the waste hauling industry – Scott Post, of Independent Recycling. Scott generously sponsors many RPBG events and charitable initiatives, including a recent project at Sullivan High School. 

In such a ‘rough and tumble’ industry, how great to have a reputable and fair industry representative like Scott. 


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Ups and Downs - Summer 2018

By any measure, the economy is exceptionally strong. The unemployment rate was 3.9% in July and has been below 4.5% for over a year. We have seen an extraordinary run of net job gains which have now continued uninterrupted for almost eight years. The last time we registered a monthly job loss was September 2010. May and June both saw net gains of more than 200,000; in February, the gain was 324,000.


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Verella’s Round-Up: What do I do when my elderly tenant has been taken to a nursing home?


verella osborne

What do I do when my elderly tenant has been taken to a nursing home?


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Around Rogers Park: Three Active Apartment Construction Projects Underway in Rogers Park - Summer Update


Don’t look now, but there are cranes on the Rogers Park skyline and, for once, Loyola University can’t take all the credit. Not that we don’t love Loyola and appreciate their tremendous dedication to, and investment in, the neighborhood. But, after so many years of virtually no construction activity away from the Loyola campus, it is heartening to see this sudden burst of private-sector (and public-private partnership) activity.


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Around Rogers Park: Arson on Touhy – One Dead, all Homeless


A tragic fire in the 1700-block of Touhy Avenue destroyed a 15-unit apartment building in the early morning hours of June 5. The fire resulted in the death of one of the building’s residents, Maria Silva, who died after attempting to jump from the burning building. Even worse, the fire appears to have been deliberately started by a woman who has now been charged with murder and aggravated arson, according to an ABC-7 report filed June 7.

Due to the extensive smoke and fire damage, the entire building had to be evacuated and is currently vacant. The Rogers Park Builders Group, along with many other individuals, non-profits and business organizations, contributed money to help displaced residents find new places to live and rebuild their lives. Donations can still be made to help victims of this tragic event through Northside Community Resources. Their website is:


Around Rogers Park: Chicago Math and Science Academy Ranks #1 Charter School in Illinois


U.S. News and World Report ranked the Chicago Math and Science Academy the number one Charter School in Illinois, with an overall ranking of 69th of all high schools in the state. This would be an impressive achievement under any circumstances, but is all the more remarkable, given that the student body is 98% minority and is drawn largely from within the Rogers Park community. Many of the students at the Academy are from low and moderate-income families, and a significant number are either immigrants and refugees, or are the children of immigrants and refugees.

The success of the Academy would seem to prove that your zip code need not determine your destiny. Many graduates of the Academy have been accepted to some of the best colleges and universities in the country and have gone on to successful careers, in STEM-related fields and other endeavors.

Rogers Park Builders Group has been a proud supporter of the Chicago Math and Science Academy, most recently presenting the school with a $1,000 check as part of the Giving Tree campaign to upgrade technology. Congratulations to the Academy for their great accomplishments and the well-deserved recognition they have received from U.S. News and World Report.


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