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Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

Tough times can bring out the best and the worst in people. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between the two.


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Interview with Daniel K. Hertz

He has only been working for the City of Chicago Department of Housing (DoH) since September of last year. But you wouldn’t know it from his deep knowledge of housing policy or the important role he plays with the Inclusionary Zoning Review process that began late in 2019. An important element in this review is the work currently being done by a 20-member Task Force assembled to make recommendations for how to revamp the Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO). This is just one part of a multi-prong effort to study ways to make inclusionary zoning more effective in Chicago.


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COVID-19 – Valuation Perspective



Lenders, owners and buyers are all asking the same question. What is my property worth now that COVID-19 has hit? Right now, honestly, the best answer is – no one really knows.


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Greg Jones, New RPBG Director

For anyone who has been a regular participant in the Rogers Park Builders Group monthly meetings (you might have to strain your brain to recall those much-missed, actual gatherings of our members), then you may very well have chatted with Greg Jones who recently became a Director. In a group with a lot of extroverts, Greg stands out as being especially outgoing, friendly and always up for a good conversation with other members.


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As I See It: A Rent Strike Would Make a Bad Situation Worse



Some housing advocates are urging all renters, regardless of their financial circumstances, to forego paying rent during this crisis.


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Ups and Downs - Spring 2020


It’s still kind of hard to believe how quickly and completely the world has changed, harder still that this change has all occurred in the space of less than two months. We’d been hearing about the mysterious coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan since the beginning of the year. But, like a lot of news these days, it sounded like something far away and abstract – somebody else’s problem – or so we thought.


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Paying it Forward and Helping Others in a Time of Need

Responding to the intense need brought on by the COVID-19 emergency, Rogers Park Builders Group recently donated $5,000 to Northside Community Resources (NCR) to help some of the most vulnerable people in our community. This donation was made under the direction of Carla Price and the Finance Committee. These funds were delivered on March 29th. (RPBG subsequently contributed an additional $3,000 to NCR with individual members contributing an additional $4,000... and counting!)


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Verella’s Round-Up: JHO Follow-up; Status of Evictions

verella osborne

Well, the Just Housing Ordinance has been in effect for four months – so how has it affected your application process? Have you decided not to consider an applicant’s criminal history at all? If you have, please note that there is a difference of opinion among attorneys: some believe the JHO only applies if a landlord considers criminal history in renting; other attorneys believe the JHO is not limited in this respect and applies across the board to all residential and commercial rentals and sales. If you don’t want to be the “test case,” I suggest you comply even if you don’t consider criminal records.


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Around Rogers Park: The New Normal

Life in Rogers Park is very different today than it was just a short time ago. In many ways, what Rogers Park is currently experiencing is similar to what the rest of Chicago and, for that matter, the world are all experiencing – a radical shift away from whatever previously constituted our “normal lives” as the economy falls to ruins all around us while we shelter in place to slow the virus’ spread.


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Around Rogers Park: In Memoriam

We mourn the loss of Auxiliary Corporal Mario Araujo of the Chicago Fire Department. Mr. Araujo died Tuesday, April 7 of complications from COVID-19. Mr. Araujo began working for the Fire Department in 2003. For most of that time, and continuing until his death, Mr. Araujo worked out of Engine Company #102 on the 7300 block of North Clark Street on Truck #25. Mr. Araujo was 49 years old.


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Inclusionary Housing Task Force Underway

The first meeting of the Inclusionary Housing Task Force (IHTF) was held on December 12, 2019. The twenty members of this committee represent a cross-section of neighborhood activists, affordable housing providers, and for-profit developers. The IHTF is co-chaired by three Adlermen: Harry Osterman (48th Ward), Walter Burnett (27th Ward) and Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25th Ward).


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