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Listen to Mike Glasser on WBEZ

NBOA (and RPBG) President, Mike Glasser, never misses an opportunity to educate the general public about housing issues from the housing provider’s point of view. This is a perspective that often gets overlooked, if not dismissed outright, by a local press that seems more inclined to amplify the viewpoint of tenant groups and downplay our own.

One of the things we love about Mike is his easy-going manner and ability to explain things in a way that is easy to understand for people who do not know all the in’s and out’s of owning and managing multifamily properties. Mike’s most recent contribution in this department was an appearance as part of a panel discussion on Reset, a daily local news and issues broadcast every Monday through Friday (11 am and 1 pm) on WBEZ – 91.5 FM, hosted by Sasha-Ann Simons. Mike’s on-air date was Monday, July 24.

Click on this link if you’d like to listen to the whole show. It’s well worth your time if you have about a half-hour to spare.




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