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City Council Considered New Legislation to Prevent “Landlord Neglect”

The latest assault on housing providers in Chicago comes from Alderwoman Rossana Rodgriguez-Sanchez, representing the 33rd Ward on the city’s northwest side (Albany Park/Avondale).

The Alderwoman introduced the Healthy Homes ordinance at a December meeting of the City Council. This ordinance would mandate apartment building inspections every five years to “prevent landlord neglect” and is based on similar ordinances already in place in Los Angeles and Boston.

Alderwoman Sanchez is one of five City Council representatives who caucus with the Democratic Socialists and has the support of 13 of her colleagues at this time.

According to an article in Block Club Chicago, the Metropolitan Tenants Organization, a tenant advocacy group, is leading the charge for this new legislation. The MTO has close ties with the Democratic Socialist and Progressive block of the Chicago City Council.

In order to attract more support for her ordinance, the Alderwoman would start off with a 180-day pilot program in three or four wards, possibly including the 49th (Rogers Park).

This is a developing story. We will monitor this proposal and whether it is able to gain approval of the full City Council in the coming months.




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