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Around Rogers Park - If It’s August, It Must Be the Summer Soirée

It seems hard to believe that this year’s Summer Soirée marked the 10th time we have celebrated this annual rite of passage for the Chicago real estate community. The significance of the occasion was matched by the perfect weather with clear skies, comfortable temperatures and a light breeze coming in from Lake Michigan.

As in past years, the Soirée was held on the Loyola University Campus. But, unlike in past years, the location of the event was moved from Piper Hall to the large lawn area behind Quinlan Life Sciences Center, just east of the parking garage structure on Winthrop Avenue. The loss of Lake Michigan views was made up for by the convenience of the parking garage just steps from the event.

Our list of sponsors at this year’s event was truly impressive. Twenty-one organizations contributed at the Diamond, Platinum and Gold levels with an additional 15 Silver contributors and 29 Bronze contributors. Between admission fees from the large number of attendees and the significant funds contributed by our sponsors, the event can only be described as a great success and major contributor to our annual fundraising efforts.

Net proceeds benefit the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA) which represents nine local building owner organizations, including RPBG. A good thing too, since NBOA has been very busy in recent years working to educate the general public about the importance of local ownership of real estate, and serving as a voice of reason as the onslaught of poorly thought out and harmful legislation continues to proliferate at the City, County and State levels. This legislation has gradually eroded the ability of property owners to manage their businesses, harming property owners and tenants alike in impeding the ability of the free market to create the housing necessary to meet the needs of a changing city and region.

Happily, the Summer Soirée gives us an excuse not to think about these challenges, at least for one night. Instead, we got to enjoy our beautiful city, the delightful Loyola University Campus, the lovely summer weather, and all the good company that our members and guests brought with them to the event. The Soirée is a night to relax and enjoy. This year especially, we know that, when we wake up the next day, we can continue fighting the good fight with coffers freshly replenished and fortified for whatever new challenges the coming year will bring.

Congratulations and a hearty thank you to Mike Glasser, President of both NBOA and RPBG, and Sheryl Rosenberg, event organizer and the woman behind the curtain at RPBG whose hard work and dedication makes everything always flow effortlessly and seem so easy (if only they knew…). We also thank all the other organizers and volunteers who made the night such a pleasure to attend. Finally, a special thanks to The Kiser Group, the evening’s sole Diamond Sponsor, and to Becovic, Bertsch Properties and CIC, the event’s three Platinum Sponsors.




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