Around Rogers Park - Infrastructure Funding To Help Rogers Park Shoreline

Given the critical role Chicago plays in the nation’s transportation network, it is not surprising that the city and state stand to benefit from the $1.3 trillion Infrastructure Bill that the Biden administration was able to push through Congress last August. But did you know that some of these funds may eventually make it to Rogers Park to help the neighborhood preserve its shoreline?

Block Club Chicago reports that the bill will fund a $1.5 million study, matched by another $1.5 million in City of Chicago spending, to look at impact of a changing climate and encroachment from invasive species in Rogers Park and other Lakefront communities. While this study will include a wide area between Wilmette and the Indiana border, it will focus on three “high-need” areas. One of these areas is Juneway Beach where shoreline erosion and damage to nearby residential buildings has been of particular concern.