Around Rogers Park - Honorary ‘Goldman Way’ Commemorates RP Community Activists

Carol and Sanford (Sandy) Goldman were fixtures in the Rogers Park community and seemed to have their hands in just about every local charitable group, contributing thousands of hours of volunteer service for numerous Rogers Park organizations over a period of decades. Carol worked for many years for the Rogers Park Community Council, serving as Vice President and then joining the staff as Director where she oversaw the Housing Conservation and Home Repairs Aiding Independent Living (HRAIL) programs.

On June 14, 2021, Carol passed away. Ten days later, Sandy did as well. The sudden loss of this beloved couple was a shock to all who knew them and a huge loss for Rogers Park, the neighborhood they loved so dearly and where they had lived for so long.

Carla Price, RPBG Director, said that she did not know the couple well, but was well aware of the many contributions they made to the community over the years. One of these contributions was the idea that an organization of area property owners was needed to improve the housing stock and promote the neighborhood. Out of this idea, Rogers Park Builders Group was born.

Knowing the good work they had done and the key role they played in getting RPBG started, Carla resolved not to let the passing of the couple go without some sort of acknowledgement from the community. Carla decided to ask for the dedication of a block of Ashland Avenue as ‘Goldman Way’ in their honor. Carla worked with staff at the local Aldermanic office and community leaders to turn this idea into reality.

In December 2021, the new ‘Goldman Way’ was unveiled in an official ceremony with community leaders, friends and family from as far away as Arizona and Montana. Both of the Goldman’s children, Steven and Lisa, spoke at the dedication. Alderwoman Hadden also attended. The honorary street sign is now proudly displayed at the intersection of Ashland and Touhy, directly in front of the Goldman home. Carla’s effort ensures that the Goldman name will live on and their good work will be remembered.