RPBG Charitable Giving – 2018


March 2018: RPBG Vice President Sarah Lisy Presents CMSA Staff with $1000 check for student Chrome Books

Once again in 2018, RPBG provided generous support to the Rogers Park community through a series of charitable donations. The organization directly contributed $7,300 to a variety of charitable causes and non-profit groups around the neighborhood. Members and Directors contributed thousands more out of their own pockets.

Friends of Sullivan, a non-profit organization founded and supported by RPBG members, contributed even more to local Rogers Park public schools. This includes more than $15,000 that individual RPBG members and other owners in the Rogers Park community donated in funds and services to help restore the Sullivan library with expanded functionality as a lounge , welcome center and working space (with state of the art furniture) for the school’s large population of students who speak English as a second language.

May 2018 Meeting Donation

May 2018 Gale Grows Kids campaign RPBG Presents $5000 check

The following is a tally of the direct and indirect giving from RPBG in 2018:

Charities –

Community Events –

Non-Profit Groups –

Educational Initiatives –

Congratulations to all the worthy recipients of these awards, and thank you to all of the members of RPBG whose generosity made these gifts possible.


A short video highlighting some of RPBG's chartiable efforts of 2018