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Shari Haefner – New Director of RPBG and Membership Chair


Shari Haefner

Shari Haefner is a person of many interests and talents and a long-time resident of Rogers Park. She is naturally outgoing and loves to connect with other people, both personally and professionally.

As a Senior Account Manager at Freedom Title, Shari is constantly looking for new opportunities to connect with property owners and other real estate professionals. Shari was already involved with other property owners’ associations in the Chicago area, including EUBA and the Lincoln Park Builders Club, when Dan Starzyk asked her if she would like to attend an RPBG meeting. Always up for a new networking opportunity, Shari did not hesitate to take Dan up on his offer. Apparently, she liked what she saw. In 2017, Shari agreed to become a Director and get even more involved.

When asked why she agreed to become a Director, Shari said she was impressed with the great meetings and events the organization hosted, and even more impressed with the many great people she met. Shortly after joining as a Director, Shari assumed a leadership role as Chairperson of Membership.

As a Director, Shari has taken a particular interest in the Summer Soiree, and recognizes that this event has become a signature real estate gathering for the entire real estate community. Much like the annual Real Estate Forum sponsored by the Lincoln Park Builders Club, the Summer Soiree has become an increasingly important social and networking event for real estate owners and professionals across the city and suburbs. Shari would like to continue to increase the visibility, attendance and prestige of this event as we strive to make it an even more important date on the annual calendar.

Shari loves to tell prospective members about the excellent educational opportunities RPBG provides to its members. RPBG meetings provide a wealth of information to property owners and real estate professionals alike. Without these meetings, RPBG members would have a much harder time staying current on the ever-changing landscape of city regulations, market conditions and investment opportunities. Shari believes that the education the group provides, along with the networking between members, are among the most important benefits of membership. Shari would like to do more outreach to property owners in West Ridge, the area that she has called home for many years, and a part of the Rogers Park community where RPBG has not been as successful in its marketing efforts.

Finally, Shari believes that it is the charitable work RPBG does in the Rogers Park community that really sets it apart from other property owners’ groups around the city. Shari says that, as a local resident, she sees the benefit of the good work the organization has done first hand. She is truly honored to be a part of an organization that makes community outreach such an important part of what it does, and what it is all about. This charitable work is a true reflection of the organization’s priorities and values and mirrors Shari’s concern for, and involvement with, the Rogers Park community.

When Shari is not busy with her work at Freedom Title, or helping RPBG plan another great meeting or event, she also owns and operates a B&B in rural Iowa, and loves to travel and explore other countries and cultures. Shari is particularly interested in Turkey and the cultures of the Near East, particularly as expressed through their unique forms of dance and cuisine. Although she has traveled widely, Shari keeps going back to Turkey which she has visited numerous times.

Shari is also an avid animal lover and has adopted five black cats from animal shelters. Shari says these animals are the most difficult to place. Clearly, they have found a strong advocate, and safe harbor, in her home. We are lucky to have Shari as a Director at RPBG and appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication she brings to the organization.



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