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Something New


Although it’s been slow to arrive, spring is finally here. That means it’s also time for a new Newsletter, the quarterly Rogers Park Builder. For many years, the Builder was laid out, printed and physically mailed to our readers. As technology changed, we changed too, converting our physical delivery system to email-only.

But technology has changed again. Many of you enjoy the daily, web-based updates of such news sources as Crain’s Chicago Business or Curbed Chicago. Starting this spring, we are going to adopt a web-based delivery system as well. Instead of laying out the Newsletter in a traditional 8 or 10-page format, we are going to move to a web-based layout and delivery system.

Our current thought is to present the Newsletter in summary form on our website, and allow readers to “click through” to the articles they want to read in full. Unlike the PDF version we have been doing, this new format will allow us to provide links to interesting articles, websites and videos.

We will continue to do our best to lay out these articles with attractive graphics, photos and (as appropriate) other website links. For future Newsletters, we may want to experiment with staggering delivery of articles over a period of weeks. For the current edition of the Newsletter, we are providing all the articles at once.

We look forward to hearing from you about these changes, and how we can make your reading experience better. We are open to your ideas about the new format, and how we can best deliver the news and information you have come to expect about the Rogers Park community, the challenges and rewards of being a property owner, and other relevant information pertaining to owning and managing multifamily properties in Chicago and the region.

We hope you will enjoy the new format.

Thanks – Steve Cain, Secretary, Rogers Park Builders Group



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