Annual Trends in the Industry Workshop

This year's Rogers Park Builders Group's Trends in the Industry Workshop,,scheduled for Tuesday night, January 24th, at our new location, Coffey Hall - McCormick Lounge at Loyola University Chicago, will be one of our most anticipated Trends workshops.

The Rogers Park Builders Group's Trends in the Industry Workshop, our 14th annual, is our organization's premier (and, with the exception of Friday Happy Hour, most enjoyed) meetings of the year, where 80 - 100 real estate and community folks gather to discuss and debate a range of questions concerning local, regional and national real estate trends, projecting outcomes in two years' time.  We assign one moderator to each table who guides the discussion and gathers consensus on seven separate questions. Following the group discussion, each of the table's moderators will participate in a panel discussion where we learn each table's consensus on each of seven questions - issues like Dow Jones, unemployment figures, interest rates, rental rates, the condo market, value of multifamily properties...

At the end of the meeting, we will learn which table moderator from our meeting two years ago came closest to projecting this year's outcomes.


To assure a space, purchase your tickets ($30/person) on or before 1/20/17. If space remains available on the day of the event, you may pay $45 at the door. Tickets are complementary for all RPBG Members (Associate and Directors) who are fully paid up on their 2017 dues by 1/20/17.

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