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Rent Relief, Part Three (and Counting)

If you missed the last window of rent relief last summer, or if you applied but did not get assistance, take heart: more is coming. In fact, some of it is already here.


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Eviction Moratoria – Update

There have been a lot of twists and turns in the saga of the many eviction moratoria that have been imposed on housing providers, and that seem to never go away. But there are cracks in the wall. As I write this article, the federal ban on evictions, put out by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appears to be dead after a 6-3 ruling by the US Supreme Court decided that the CDC had exceeded its authority. But it’s another story in Illinois where it’s Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football – over and over again. This little drama stars Governor Pritzker as Lucy, and housing providers in the role of the ever-gullible and hapless Charlie Brown.


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NBOA Survey Results & What It Means for Rogers Park Multifamily Investors



Kiser Group and the Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA) surveyed over 150 Chicago housing providers to determine the effect of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) on the rental housing market in the Chicago area and its impact on rent collections and the neighborhood housing landscape since the onset of the pandemic.


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Eastlake Gets a Makeover

Rogers Parkers are a diverse group of people coming from many places and holding many beliefs. But ask anyone who knows the neighborhood, or who has lived there for any period of time where they would most like to live and odds are good you will hear a consistent answer – Eastlake Terrace.


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1200-Block Pratt Development Update

In the Fall 2020 Newsletter, we reported encouraging progress in the efforts of RPBG Director Ibrahim Shihadeh to build a new, seven-story apartment building with garage parking on the 1200-block of West Pratt Avenue. A lot has happened since then. None of it is good news for housing providers and developers.


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As I See It: Landlord Tenant 101 and Contract Law



My friend, former Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti, recently asked me to speak via Zoom to his class of law students from Northern Illinois University College of Law. My talk focused on real estate law and the implications of laws enacted by various bodies of government.


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Ups and Downs



I was trying to decide what to write for the Summer Newsletter. I thought about topics like the zombie eviction moratoria – just when you think they are finally dead, they pop back to life yet again… or all those billions of federal relief dollars earmarked for rent relief that were supposed to keep tenants and housing providers alive, but that have been endlessly tied up in red tape and administrative hell... or the elephant in the room – the Delta variant of COVID-19 that is rampaging across the country and that has completely dashed our brief hope that we would be “back to normal” by the Fourth of July.


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Around Rogers Park: RPBG’s Olympic Connection

Anyone connected with RPBG is a lot closer than six degrees of separation to the just-concluded Olympic Games, held in Tokyo this August. We all know our high-energy and very personable President, Mike Glasser. Well, Mike is also the VERY proud dad of Mitch Glasser who just represented Israel in the 2020 Olympic baseball competition. While the team did not make the top three, they did much better than anyone expected, placing 5th overall and just missing a chance to medal by losing to the eventual bronze-medal winner – the Dominican Republic.


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Around Rogers Park: Refugee High, by Elly Fishman

In 2017, Elly Fishman, a journalist with Chicago Magazine, spend a year at Sullivan High School to better understand the challenges, opportunities and dynamics of the city’s most diverse high school, and largest recipient of children of refugee families in Chicago. Her experience resulted in the publication of “Welcome to Refugee High” in June of that year.


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Around Rogers Park: A Walk Through Rogers Park, by Eric Kessler

But that’s not all in the world of books and Rogers Park.


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Rent Relief Returns - Update

(This article ran prior to publication of the full Spring Newsletter. Since the rent relief application programs have now closed, this article is being included for informational purposes only. Even if you missed the IHDA and DOH deadlines, there is likely to be another round of rent relief coming. If so, you can be sure we will get this information out to our readers in a subsequent article.) 

Stacie Young, Preservation Compact Director at Community Investment Corporation, has at least some good news for long-suffering housing providers. There is money out there for rent relief. It is a very big number. And even more is on its way.

The bad news is that there are categories of tenants who are not covered by these programs, and for whom approvals will not be granted if applications are made. More on that below.


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