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March Best Practices Workshop & Membership Meeting
Tuesday 27 March 2018, 06:30pm - 09:00pm
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The Rogers Park Builders Group's March Best Practices Workshop is designed to confuse and frustrate property owners, landlords and investors who choose to attend. 
With twelve accomplished and reputable vendors, contractors and service providers leading informative and relevant "best practice" sessions, we expect you all to be befuddled, angered and confused, as you will not know which sessions to attend!
Indeed, the 'best practice' for attending this session is for your company to send two to three representatives so that you can cover multiples sessions.

Rogers Park Builders Group Best Practices Workshop

6:30PM - 9:00PM Chicago Math & Science Academy
7212 N. Clark St. Chicago (park at lot adjacent to school)
Invite other landlords, property managers and investors who you think might be interested to register and attend.

Cost: No charge for RPBG members with paid 2018 dues. $20 for guests (includes dinner) if pre-registered. $30 day of and at the door. 

To assure space at this event, be sure to register ahead of time.

Register to Attend

Below is a list of our esteemed presenters, all are RPBG members:
Greg Jones, CLCS
Assurance | Risk Management Consultant
    Most people, including insurance brokers, take the approach of "shopping it out" to try and get a lower cost. While this can sometimes work, there is a much more effective way to reduce cost with a much better outcome for the insured. 
    See a blueprint for how owners, developers and managers can more effective reduce their risk and significantly lower their costs rather that dealing with the constant increases year after year.
Erica Minchella, Attorney at Law
Short Sales and Distressed Properties
    For those seeking opportunities in distressed real estate - short sales, properties in foreclosure, bank owned (REO) properties, flipped properties after a bank-owned purchase, Erica will discuss best practices for buying property being sold as a short sale or after a foreclosure and strategies for selling property that is underwater or in foreclosure. Discussion will include due diligence, title issues, addressing concerns about property values now that CFPB rules have been eased, negotiating with lenders, options, why it is a seller's market and how that will affect sales going forward.
Victor Easley, RCN
Cable/Internet 101
    What is the future of cable/internet services? Why are cable/internet services important to me (landlord)? Am I (landlord) required to allow their tenants a choice of cable/internet providers? How does having more than one cable/internet option benefit me (landlord)? Are there any laws or ordnances that govern cable/internet providers? Are there any costs to me (the landlord) associated with having cable/internet services setup?
Dorian Bezanis, Alpha Adjusting
Best Practices on Making and Maximizing Returns on Insurance Claims
     In the event of a property loss what best practice is right for you in the stabilization & loss assessment process?
    Consider the (5) basic approaches to Property Stabilization & Loss Assessment after a casualty loss in one of your properties. What are the advantages & disadvantages of each? Knowing how you want to approach a loss, in advance of suffering one, will minimize your organization's, disruption. 
Nick Kosiek, State Farm Insurance
Landlord Insurance 101
     Use an agent exclusive to one company or a broker who represents many companies?
    What are the various components of Apartment Coverage, and what to know about liability coverage, calculating replacement cost for casualty, and importance of obtaining adequate excess liability.
     What are a landlord's best practices for requiring tenants to obtain renter's insurance?
Scott Post, Independent Recycling
This session no 'waste' of time
 We will review the best practices in the waste hauling industry:
 -- Entering into a contract with a waste hauling firm, and what     strategies may be available to exit from a bad long-term contract
-- Addressing special pick up needs - from overflowing dumpsters to the stray furniture set left behind by that midnight move-out. 
-- Complying with recycling ordinance and learn how to incorporate a recycling program - either the basics for minimal compliance with a program, or what steps you can implement a program that achieves its true 'save the earth' objectives!
Linda Liberatore, Secure Pay One 
Incorporate the Right Technology with your Prop Mgmt Software
     What technology systems can you utilize to make your business more productive? Are those PM software really worth their cost for your size portfolio? How is your maintenance work being tracked? Are you resident communications automated on autopilot?
    Drop by to find out the 4 main issues landlords are facing AND the hacks to solve them!
Marlene Levy, Commonwealth Edison/Peoples Gas/NICOR Gas Energy Efficiency Program
Frank Vannucci, Crown Commercial Lighting
Get "Turned on" with Rebates and Programs Promote Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings
   What is the Commonwealth Edison/Peoples Gas/NICOR Gas Energy Efficiency Program? How can I benefit from the rebates and programs? What rebates are available to upgrade my boilers and or domestic hot water systems? How can I receive a no cost assessment? 
    As to lighting upgrades at no or little cost, receive up to 75 percent off project costs with instant incentives, improve and maintain occupant comfort and safety, increase property value and reduce maintenance needs and extend equipment life.
Barbara Edelstein, Supreme Laundry Service, LLC
Maximizing the Potential from your Laundry Rooms
    Supreme Laundry services those buildings that have a central laundry room. There are six important points that apartment owners need to know in order to create and maintain a quality laundry room for their residents. Stop at Supreme's table, and we will make sure you know how to hire Supreme Laundry Service for your laundry needs. 
Tom Raleigh, Attorney - Eviction Process
Evictions WTF!!!
     Landlords and property managers face continued frustrations when dealing with Cook County's evictions - the process of obtaining a judgment for, and then enforcing the judgment with the Sheriff's police. 
     What are some of 'best practices' landlords can utilize when working with their eviction lawyers to achieve the best results.
Jeremy Sorokas Red Brick Analytics
Tenant Screening in a Litigious Age
     In this day and age, how does a landlord develop a standardized screening process, setting applicant standards and tips on avoiding problematic tenants?
    How can landlords and property managers properly screen their residents as potential legislation may restrict the use of common resident screening tools such as criminal background checks, eviction records and credit scores?
Jim Thybony, Thybony Paints
'Covering' Paint Solutions including Specialty Projects
      Learn from a respected long term local paint manufacturer many specialty products that can offer lasting impact to our apartments and common areas: anti mildew; rust inhibitors, and the best paint and stains to use on kitchen cabinets - and how to get best value on a variety of shades - what types of paints over the best coverage on a price per square foot basis.
Rogers Park Builders Group
Michael Glasser, President & Event Chair 
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Location Chicago Math & Science Academy - 7212 N. Clark St. Chicago (park at lot adjacent to school)






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