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Notable Achievements

Since it’s founding in 1992, the RPBG has been a consistent advocate for responsible development, investment and property management in Rogers Park, and has formed a reputation as being an effective and proactive developer’s organization

Over the years, our accomplishments have included the following:

  • Engaged publicist services to encourage local and national media outlets to promote Rogers Park
  • Worked in partnership with local banks in conducting highly successful forums about local real estate issues
  • Reviewed and considered substantial new developments within the Rogers Park community, collaborating with developers about best serving the needs of the community.
  • Collaborating with other developer groups within Chicago area, with focus on developing allegiance with Edgewater – Uptown Builders, with whom, since 2001, the RPBG has conducted an annual joint meeting, attracting prominent speakers, engage in substantial networking, and raising funds for local causes benefiting youth.
  • Assume lead role in organizing Neighborhood Builders Owners Alliance, an umbrella organization consisting of representatives from major landlord groups within Chicago, to advocate on behalf of Chicago area landlords and to assure that the public understands the landlord perspective and the important contribution landlords make to providing housing within the City.
  • Host annual Trends in the Real Estate market workshop, which, since 2002, has been interactive forum allowing landlords, developers, and other real estate professionals consider local and national real estate trends.
  • Continue production and distribution of our triennial high quality newsletters. The RPBG presently distributes the newsletters to a broad mailing list  that includes Chicago area developers, brokers, Rogers Park community leaders and other real estate professionals, familiarizing them with investment opportunities and successes within Rogers Park.

Additionally, we continue support for local not for profits and other programs include such events and programs including:

  • Several projects supporting Sullivan HS, including renovation of Low Incidence Classroom, football shoulder pads, scholarships for private lessons for music students, and restoring musical instruments, allowing for formation of marching band (2015 - 18)
  • Glenwood Avenue Art Fair
  • St Ignatius Annual Messiah Concert and Jazz Series
  • Various local theater projects
  • Field School Rewards for Students assisting in student testing
  • Gale Grows Initiative - supporting opening of health clinic (2018)
  • Family Matters After School program
  • Glenwood Street Arts Festival – which is becoming a major affordable Chicago arts festival
  • Artists of the Wall annual festival
  • Rotary Club Annual Event and Fundraiser
  • Chicago Crime Stoppers Reward seeking information leading to arrest of killer (2018)
  • United Church of Rogers Park
  • Rogers Park Community Council Annual Event
  • Kilmer School Opera program (2018)
  • Touhy Park Advisory Council
  • CMSA Chrome Book initiative (2018)
  • Clark Street Festival
  • Loyola Park African American Heritage Festival,
  • Assist Sudanese immigrants (Lost Boys of Sudan) by helping construct a computer center at St. Paul’s Church by the Lake


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