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One From Many

No community in Chicago, let alone elsewhere in the United States, carries the level of diversity as has Rogers Park. With people from throughout the world making Rogers Park their home, 
the community possesses a cultural richness that is the envy of surrounding neighborhoods.
 Experience this richness by visiting an array of shops owned by folks from throughout the word; or dining at one of many different ethnic restaurants.
Economic diversity: Rogers Park residents transcend all economic levels, and the community works hard to assure that folks from varying economic levels can find a home in Rogers Park. Varying interests: Attend any kind of community meeting and realize that residents enjoy a range of interests and professions. Rogers Park boasts a creative community of some of Chicago’s leading artists and craftspeople. Yet, many service professionals and people representing other professions and trades live here as well. By interacting, Rogers Park residents realize that life is enriching when we learn and share with each other.


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