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Summer 2023 Newsletter


  • Evanston Considers Adopting “Just Cause Eviction” Provisions

    It’s been discussed in Chicago for years. It’s already been enacted in other cities and states, including Seattle, Washington D.C. and New Jersey, just to name a few. Now, Just Cause Eviction is being actively considered in Evanston and could be enacted by their City Council later this year. If this happens, it will open the door to similar ordinances across Illinois.


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  • Bring Chicago Home

    An article in the Fall 2022 Rogers Park Builder lays out the proposal to increase Chicago’s real estate transfer tax on transactions of $1 million or higher. This proposed legislation is known as the Bring Chicago Home Ordinance. More cynically, many of its promoters like to call it the millionaire tax.


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  • Mayor Brandon Johnson: the First 100 Days

    It’s probably way too early to say much about the new Mayor and where he’s taking the city. After all, he’s only been in office for a few months since his May 15 inauguration. But hey, you have to start somewhere.


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  • Letter to the Editor



    We are not allowed to reprint Mike Mini’s excellent Letter to the Editor in the June 26, 2023 edition of Crain’s Chicago Business in its entirety due to copyright laws. But we can provide a few highlights and encourage our readers to clink this link and read the letter in full.


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  • Marty Max, Past RPBG President and Current Member of the Finance Committee

    Whenever I do one of these profiles, I always like to start by emailing a short list of written questions so that the person I’m profiling can get a head start on what I want to cover.


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  • Ups and Downs - Summer 2023



    It still feels like a mad, mad, mad world out there. On the climate front, it’s been quite a summer. We’ve had heat waves, smoke-filled skies, boiling oceans, and flooding rains. In politics, everyone seems to have gone completely nuts. A former President with four indictments (and counting) will probably be the Republican candidate for President in what can only be described as the battle of the geriatrics in 2024. In Chicago, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the CTU is now more or less in control of the city – which is a way of saying the foxes are in charge of the hen house.


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  • Clark Street Streetscape Now Underway

    Thanks to the coordinating work of the Rogers Park Business Alliance, the Clark Street corridor between Devon and Arthur Avenues is going to have a new look in the very near future. Beginning on July 5th, the Vision Clark Street Corridor Master Plan begins its transformation from a bunch of ideas and pretty drawings to actual construction and tangible results.


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  • Ken Walchak Sells Clark-Devon to Employees

    Ken Walchak and the Rogers Park community go back a long way. Ken and his brother Ed have been deeply involved in Rogers Park for decades and have run the Clark-Devon Hardware store for half a century. They followed in the footsteps of their father and grandfather who founded the company just shy of a century ago.


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  • NBOA and LREIC Panel Discussion of Migrant Influx to Chicago

    The Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA) and the Latino Real Estate Investors Council (LREIC), put together a fascinating and informative panel discussion via Zoom hosted by Rafael Leon, Executive Director of Chicago Metropolitan Housing Development Corp. (CMHDC), and including Alderman Andre Vazquez (40th Ward); Ami Novoryta, Chief Program Officer with Catholic Charities; Paul Roldan, President of Hispanic Housing Development Corp. (HHDC); and Kalman Resnick, Partner at Hughes Socol Piers, Resnick & Dym, Ltd.v


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  • All-Affordable Redevelopment of the Werner Site at Howard and Paulina Hits a Roadblock

    In the Fall 2022 Newsletter, this newsletter reported on plans for an all-affordable new housing development at the northeast corner of Howard and Paulina Streets that would bring 110 units of housing to the Howard Street corridor. Like many such proposals, these plans required public assistance to make the project feasible since rents cannot exceed 60% of area median income (AMI) while construction and other development and financing costs are the same (or higher) than comparable market-rate developments.


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  • Sol Café Closes after Ten Years on Howard

    As reported in Block Club Chicago, Sol Café is closing after ten years of operations at 1615 W. Howard Street. The article cites the lingering fallout from the pandemic as well as recent increases in crime and violence along the Howard Street corridor.


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  • Listen to Mike Glasser on WBEZ

    NBOA (and RPBG) President, Mike Glasser, never misses an opportunity to educate the general public about housing issues from the housing provider’s point of view. This is a perspective that often gets overlooked, if not dismissed outright, by a local press that seems more inclined to amplify the viewpoint of tenant groups and downplay our own.


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