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  • Rent Relief, Part Three (and Counting)

    If you missed the last window of rent relief last summer, or if you applied but did not get assistance, take heart: more is coming. In fact, some of it is already here.


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  • Ups and Downs: Fall 2021



    Rent relief sounded great when I first heard about it. Billions of dollars provided by the federal government to keep tenants in their apartments and help housing providers withstand the impact of large revenue losses and an inability to evict tenants for a period of months that, in Illinois, lasted more than a year and a half.


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  • Eviction Moratoria – Update

    There have been a lot of twists and turns in the saga of the many eviction moratoria that have been imposed on housing providers, and that seem to never go away. But there are cracks in the wall. As I write this article, the federal ban on evictions, put out by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), appears to be dead after a 6-3 ruling by the US Supreme Court decided that the CDC had exceeded its authority. But it’s another story in Illinois where it’s Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football – over and over again. This little drama stars Governor Pritzker as Lucy, and housing providers in the role of the ever-gullible and hapless Charlie Brown.


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  • Owners and Advocates - Closer Than You Think

    My dad’s personal philosophy was based on the premise that people are basically good, and will try to do the right thing if they can. They want to be understood, not defined by stereotypes and misconceptions.


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