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  • Around Rogers Park - Migrant Arrivals an Ongoing Challenge for Chicago

    Chicago is proud of its “sanctuary city” reputation and will tell anyone who wants to know that it is a welcoming place. No neighborhood in Chicago has a greater claim to being inclusive and diverse than Rogers Park. But the ongoing campaign of busing migrants to Chicago, mostly from Texas but also from other boarder states, is posing a challenge to the city, its residents and its resources.


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  • NBOA and LREIC Panel Discussion of Migrant Influx to Chicago

    The Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance (NBOA) and the Latino Real Estate Investors Council (LREIC), put together a fascinating and informative panel discussion via Zoom hosted by Rafael Leon, Executive Director of Chicago Metropolitan Housing Development Corp. (CMHDC), and including Alderman Andre Vazquez (40th Ward); Ami Novoryta, Chief Program Officer with Catholic Charities; Paul Roldan, President of Hispanic Housing Development Corp. (HHDC); and Kalman Resnick, Partner at Hughes Socol Piers, Resnick & Dym, Ltd.v


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  • Around Rogers Park: Refugee High, by Elly Fishman

    In 2017, Elly Fishman, a journalist with Chicago Magazine, spend a year at Sullivan High School to better understand the challenges, opportunities and dynamics of the city’s most diverse high school, and largest recipient of children of refugee families in Chicago. Her experience resulted in the publication of “Welcome to Refugee High” in June of that year.


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  • The Immigration Debate Rages On


    Among Chicago’s thriving refugee populations are the Rohingya. Many acclimate to US culture through soccer

    Last year, the Rogers Park Builderran a series of three articles about immigration, refugee resettlement and Rogers Park. Rogers Park is a community of immigrants. Although this is generally true of the entire country, it is especially true of Rogers Park. Unlike much of the rest of the country, many of the immigrants and refugees living in Rogers Park are recent arrivals, not the descendants of long-ago ancestors who came through Ellis Island.


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  • Rohingya find a Home in Chicago


    Coaches Mike Glasser and Jack Hafferkamp with two Rohingya soccer players who they coached, Summer 2017

    Through the efforts of RefugeeOne and other resettlement organizations, Chicago has quietly become one of the largest resettlement communities for refugees from Rohingya in the United States. There are currently 350 families living in the city and suburbs with 1,500 individuals. Not surprisingly, Rogers Park has become an important center of Rohingya life in the city. The Rohingya Cultural Center is located at 2740 W. Devon Avenue in West Ridge. The Cultural Center is a community-based social service agency that serves the needs of the Rohingya community. West Ridge is also the location of the city’s first and only Burmese restaurant at 2305 W. Devon. This restaurant was recently opened by a Rohingya family that has settled in Chicago. (See related restaurant review.)


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  • The Family House - Myanmar & Malaysian Cuisine in Chicago


    The Family House - 2305 W Devon Ave, Chicago

    The Family House
    2305 W. Devon Avenue
    (773) 856-0192

    In researching Rohingya refugee resettlement in Rogers Park, I stumbled across a fun fact. One enterprising family of Rohingya refugees has pursued their version of the American Dream by opening a restaurant on Devon Avenue. This restaurant – aptly named The Family House – enjoys the distinction of being the first and, so far, only restaurant in Chicago to feature Burmese cuisine.


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  • Immigration, Refugee Resettlement and Rogers Park – Part Three

    Two Centuries of Immigration to Chicago – Past, Present and Future

    Immigration, Refugee Resettlement and Rogers Park – Part Three

    Introduction: Chicago – City of Immigrants

    Chicago has always been a city of immigrants. And few places in the metro area have played a more important role in the lives of immigrants and refugees than Rogers Park. But, in recent years, and notably since the onset of the Great Recession, Chicago’s status as a Gateway City and primary destination for immigrants and refugees has slipped. This is largely due to the region’s lackluster economic recovery. 


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  • Immigration, Refugee Resettlement and Rogers Park – Part Two


    Cumar and Axlam – New Beginnings and the Challenges Ahead

    The Road to Nairobi

    Cumar and Axlam (not their real names) board a bus from Dadaab refugee camp to Nairobi, Kenya. The date is February 10, 2017, one day after a three-judge panel in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco stayed the Trump administration’s immigration ban, finding that it was probably unconstitutional.
  • Immigration, Refugee Resettlement and Rogers Park – Part One


    This is the story of Cumar and Axlam (not their real names), two recent arrivals to Chicago and to Rogers Park. Unlike just about everyone reading this article, Cumar and Axlam were not able to simply book a flight or rent a U-Haul and move. In fact, when they began their odyssey, the odds of them successfully getting to the United States were almost laughably remote.


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  • Video - The Sullivan High School Soccer Team

    Sullivan from Anthony Pellino on Vimeo.

    Sullivan High School sits in the Rogers Park neighborhood just north of the Chicago loop. Their soccer team, The Tigers, is made up of 14 different players from 13 different countries. They are the only urban team to compete in Chicago's highly competitive High School Premier League.

    Many of the players do not speak English, and rely on select teammates for translation. This film is a glimpse into their 2016 playoff run, and serves as a look into the passion and love these young men have for the sport that has helped them persevere through so much.

    Production: Reverse (, Curfew (

    Director: Anthony Pellino
    DP: Zach Lowry, Jason Koontz
    Boom/Mix: Scott Wietrzykowski
    Editor: Carlos Flores
    Color: Kath Raisch / Company 3 Color
    Producer: Kate Aspell
    Original Score: Ankit Suri
    Sound Mix / Master: Lyell Roeder


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