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The RPBG has made a multi year commitment to supporting neighborhood schools and organizations supporting local youth, with a focus on Sullivan High School. The RPBG recognizes that strong schools are an essential component of a thriving community, and we support initiatives that make attending school an exciting and enriching experience for the students. We also recognize that dedicated local principals, teachers, coaches and staff are empowered when receiving support from the community, and we value the opportunity to offer it.


  • RPBG Funds Sullivan High School MLK Middle School tournament

    By:Mike Glasser, RPBG President

    A special event took place at Roger C. Sullivan High School on Martin Luther King holiday this year, as Friends of Sullivan sponsored Sullivan High School’s 3rd MLK Day Middle School Hoops Tournament.

    Nine middle schools and over 100 students participated in the day long tournament - one which every participating team played at least two games. Between games, students enjoyed lunch and a learning & motivational program where educators and two Sullivan High School basketball players spoke with the kids about Dr. King’s legacy, “what it takes” to be a successful high school athlete, and what it takes to succeed in life.


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  • RPBG Charitable Giving – 2020

    This year has been challenging in ways that most of us could never have imagined. All the more reason for RPBG to be true to its mission and support our community that has rarely been in greater need of our good works.


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  • Paying it Forward and Helping Others in a Time of Need

    Responding to the intense need brought on by the COVID-19 emergency, Rogers Park Builders Group recently donated $5,000 to Northside Community Resources (NCR) to help some of the most vulnerable people in our community. This donation was made under the direction of Carla Price and the Finance Committee. These funds were delivered on March 29th. (RPBG subsequently contributed an additional $3,000 to NCR with individual members contributing an additional $4,000... and counting!)


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  • Ribbon Cutting at Sullivan High for The Ellen Glasser Global Center


    Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Alderman Maria Hadden (49th) were among the dignitaries who attended Sullivan High School’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Monday, June 17th, commemorating the opening of the new Ellen Glasser Global Center.


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  • Around Rogers Park: Lifeline Theater Thanks RPBG for its Support


    In a May 17th letter addressed to the Rogers Park Builders Group, Lifeline Theater Directors Allison Cain and Ilesa Duncan wrote to thank our organization, and Jay Johnson in particular, for our financial support of the theater’s accessibility programming.



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  • RPBG Charitable Giving – 2018


    March 2018: RPBG Vice President Sarah Lisy Presents CMSA Staff with $1000 check for student Chrome Books

    Once again in 2018, RPBG provided generous support to the Rogers Park community through a series of charitable donations. The organization directly contributed $7,300 to a variety of charitable causes and non-profit groups around the neighborhood. Members and Directors contributed thousands more out of their own pockets.


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  • Rogers Park Builders Group 2018 Year in Review - Video

    At our October 23, 2018 meeting, the RPBG presented a video entitled “2018 RPBG Year in Review” which focuses on accomplishments this past year.

    The three minute video highlights participation at the Neighborhood Building Owner Alliance Summer Soiree event, RPBG’s charitable efforts, and it features clips from some of our more successful meetings, and other statistics regarding our growth.

    Thanks to Boomer Berman and Sheryl Rosenberg for their work in preparing this wonderful tribute to a successful year. We look forward to continued success in 2019. 


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  • RPBG Support of Local Schools

    Sullivan High School

    RPBG and it's members support local schools, including Sullivan High School.


    The Rogers Park Builders Group consists of property owners, developers and other real estate professionals in the East Rogers Park area of Chicago, whose mission is to promote responsible property management, ownership and development in our community. Since 1992, we have worked with community partners with the goal of improving our community.
    Starting three years ago, our organization took on a special interest in our local schools, and we have engaged in a multiyear plan to offer financial support in the area of arts, sports and capital improvements.


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  • RPBG Gives Back - A Sustained Commitment to Improving Our Community



    May 2018 Meeting Donation

    RPBG and individual members giving Gale Academy Principal Augustine Emuwa $5000 to support their campaign for an on site health clinic - a project that should boost attendance and productivity of its students.


    The Rogers Park Builders Group has given back to the Rogers Park community since its inception. But, in recent years, this giving has increased significantly. While we continue to support a broad range of organizations and events, we have created a dedicated funding stream for educational initiatives that focuses on giving to local Chicago Public Schools. This initiative sets aside approximately $7,500 per year for a three-year period, beginning in 2017. To the extent our budget will allow us to continue to make these funds available beyond this three-year period, we will make every effort to do so.


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  • Evening of Theater and More at Sullivan High - June 13th

    An Evening of Live Theater & More at Sullivan High School

    Tuesday, June 13 / Doors open 6:15pm / Program begins 7pm

    6631 N. Bosworth / Park in lot off Greenview

    An Evening of Theater and More at Sullivan High promises to be a genuine "feel good RPBG appreciation night" - and one that might cause you to feel immensely proud to be associated with our organization.

    The performance - produced and directed by Lifeline Theater - based on stories from the student actors - reflects the diversity of their lives - and 11 of the 20 actors are immigrants and refugees.

    (By the way, the amazing story in Chicago Magazine about Sullivan's refugee program (Welcome to Refugee High) is now available ON LINE.)


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  • RPBG Funds Botanical Program at Gale Academy

    Rogers Park Builders Group Funds Chicago Botanic Garden Traveling Plant Science Teacher Program for Pre-K at Gale Academy

    The Rogers Park Builders Group kindly provided the $220 to enable the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Traveling Plant Science Teacher program, to come to Gale Math and Science Academy in Rogers Park.  This donation enabled the two Pre-K classrooms to receive a visit from one of their science teachers on February 22nd.  Geared toward their age group, the little ones learned about “Terrific Trees.”  The curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.


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  • RPBG Helps Sullivan HS Band Program

    Sullivan High School music teacher, Andrew McGuire learned that many high-quality instruments, in need of repair, were sitting, unused, in the school’s basement.


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  • Sullivan Project Ribbon Cutting

    RPBG Inaugurates Low Incidence Classroom for Sullivan High School

    Members of the Rogers Park Builders Group were a happy and proud bunch last Tuesday evening (Sept. 29) when we met for our monthly meeting at Sullivan High School.  The meeting marked the culmination of the extraordinary collaboration that took place between RPBG, Sullivan High School, and many other groups and individuals across Rogers Park and beyond.


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  • Sullivan Project

    The Rogers Park community faces some particular challenges when it comes to educating its children. To start with, many of the kids in Rogers Park are from low or moderate-income families whose only real option for their education is the Chicago Public Schools. In addition, Rogers Park is a “gateway” community, housing children from a wide array of backgrounds, including immigrant and refugee families who have settled in Rogers Park from across the globe.


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  • RPBG Makes Commitment to Sullivan High School

    Serving the Rogers Park community has always been a central plank of RPBG’s mission. We have demonstrated this commitment repeatedly, most recently with the approval of a $5,000 gift to Artspace, a non-profit developer that has expressed an interest in creating a live-work space for artists within the Rogers Park community.


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