About Rogers Park Builders Group

The early ‘90s were a challenging time to own and operate investment real estate in Rogers Park. To address these issues, a group of dedicated local property owners, developers, brokers, bankers and business owners created the Rogers Park Builders Group, in hope of changing the image of Rogers Park and to help create a more vibrant and stable community.

Over the years, the RPBG engaged in many different endeavors:

Loyola University - Chicago offers the RPBG a wonderful venue where we conduct our monthly meetings. Our meetings provide attendees with awesome networking opportunities, a great meal and beverages, and a program where interesting and relevant speakers educate us on a host of key issues impacting the neighborhood and the City. In addition, the RPBG hosts happy hours, and participates in the NBOA’s annual Summer Soiree, which has become a ‘can’t miss’ summer event.

Our membership ranks continue to soar as our reputation in the City and County increases.

Consider becoming a member and get involved! Join our mailing list to attend a meeting and check us out.

Michael Glasser
RPBG President
January 5, 2020